Our team of professional processors, consultants, expert advisors and translators offers customers well-prepared materials from economics and related fields. Each area has its quality guarantor, which checks all tested treasures before they are sent to customers, tests and approves whether all the parameters and demands for the type of work were adhered to.

We specialize in economic areas and areas such as:

  • andragogika
  • banking
  • Tourism
  • taxes
  • economic theory
  • economy
  • environmental economics
  • econometrics and statistics
  • European Union
  • finance
  • global problems
  • Economic policy
  • Human Resources
  • management
  • marketing
  • international economics
  • international integration
  • international relationships
  • nursing
  • pedagogy
  • business
  • corporate governance
  • Business Administration
  • law in economics
  • regional politics
  • social policy
  • sociology and political science
  • public economy
  • public administration